Hey There!

I’m Gracie- I have been told that I can’t like too many things. That I can’t do so many things; that I won’t be credible for knowing so many types of things. Essentially this is saying I can’t help too many people.

All of this because it doesn’t fit into my “business”.

I choose to ignore the boxes that set tense parameters around the niche I am allowed to be known for. As adults we are frequently placed in boxes or squares of red tape- as if hobbies and varying interests are a fault to be kept secret. Well I say, “screw that, my friend”! I am a creator so I have decided to eff the niche.

After years in the trenches of adulting, I have much to report. Between PTSD + a bundle of autoimmune diseases, the quality of my life has absolutely depended on solutions. This is my place to unload over a decade of tips, tricks + hacks. I do so in a non traditional, quirky, over the top, bubbly, blunt and highly original fashion.

My first love was writing at age 5. I have since found a deep passion for writing creative nonfiction. Videography became my newest love during the pandemic. The two modalities of creativity merge to create my show, All The Things. As a lifetime lover of nonfiction and a former librarian, I promise, no one can present information quite like I can. Each week I post a video on anything from mindset to consumer reporting. Click HERE to visit my channel or sign up for my newsletter HERE so you don’t miss a thing.

I am a

creator of things
liver of life
breaker of molds
learner of industries
+ brazen, bold broad
living unapologetically.

So this is me as a human, Hello! I am more than wellness because I write, I video, I animate, I experiment. Surprise! Below is the other side of the site where I am a Transformation Coach, Tai Chi Instructor + Wellness Expert.

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