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Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi?
Tai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese Martial Arts. Predating Kung Fu, Tain Chi was created by monks as a form of moving meditation. Tai Chi is a soft fluid form of exercise with applicable self defense techniques.

Why Tai Chi?
Tai Chi can be used as a soft form of exercise with particular areas of focus that can be customized for a more challenging workout. Everyone can benefit from Tai Chi from the young to the old.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi?
Tai Chi can boost blood circulation, increase detoxification, improve balance coordination, and fluidity. It will also increase focus, clarity, and mindfulness. It has been proven to increase muscle strength, core strength, and agility. Tai Chi eases the body into a relaxed peaceful state.

How is Tai Chi different from Yoga?
There are two main differences. The first is you will never be on the floor; the moves are always standing. The second is that you move continuously and refrain from holding poses.

Do I need anything special for Tai Chi?
Tai Chi does not require any special clothing or equipment. It can be done anywhere at anytime.

What do I wear for Tai Chi Practice?
Loose comfortable clothing is all you need. Your sweats are just fine here!

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