3 Easy Questions to Understanding Your Values

There are dozens of questions that you can ask yourself that will point to your core values. These three questions are concise and lead you to 3 points. What you will learn- What makes you special- What moves your soul- What you do not tolerate Establishing these three sides of your values allows you to… More

A Decade of Grace Dawn Tai Chi

Happy ten year Tai Chi-versary to me and dozens of students, clients and supporters! Some days it seems like more than a decade. Some days it seems like only yesterday. Reflections on a decade of teaching, sharing and loving Tai Chi I have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of people the glory that is… More

4 Real Human Hurdles

As a Tai Chi instructor I know firsthand that mindset is everything. I enjoy taking the time with my students or clients to help them first feel comfortable and confident. I want you to also feel comfortable and confident in your life. That is why I wanted to begin the year with the 4 biggest,… More

My Favorite Growth Focus Devotions

You know you are supposed to surround yourself with people who lift you up. Sometimes you need to surround yourself with books that lift you up. Here is a brief list of my top picks! Ancient Rhythms Variety Classical Living a perfect companion for living by the seasons. Based in Roman tradition and mythology there… More

Tackle Your Triggers + Grow!

Triggers + Signs of Healing You Might Be Missing Personal growth, self improvement does not magically cure triggers. Growth does not mean a lack of a trigger. However, it can be a lessening of emotional reaction to the trigger. Don’t miss these two signs of growth + healing. If you are upset that you are… More

How Gratitude Changed My Christmas

Thanksgiving first then Merriment and Joy It occurred to me recently that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas and no matter how hard our society tries to erase that day and turn November into an entire shopping month, the order still stands. First comes Thanksgiving and gratitude. These focuses and intentions set a much better tone for… More

5 Basic Rights for Renters

In short here are 5 things you can do to best protect yourself as a renter. Understanding your state’s laws regarding no break leases is the first place to begin. In many states they are illegal. However, not in Georgia. When repairs have not been made it is absolutely in your right to report it… More

Why All The Things

Hey there! A couple years ago when every single thing fell apart, like many others, I decided to truly carpe diem and do exactly what I want. Videography and documentaries have been such a love of mine from childhood. I have long adored nonfiction and now I am taking the camera in my hands and… More

The 2 Best Products for Your Gut Happiness

When your gut is good your teeth are whiter, your eyes are brighter, your skin glows… There is so much more to gut health than gas, bloating and BM’s, okay? That is just one side of the ever-important, overly discussed gut health story. Your belly’s bliss should be top priority. This does not mean giving… More

Glow Up With Me

This is exactly the kind of thing that would have caused Old Me to roll my eyes. Glow Up. However after a deep dive into the realm of amnesia, memory loss and brain injury, I now see things a bit differently. This story will unveil the answers to questions such as “Really? What is it?… More


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