My Favorite Growth Focus Devotions

You know you are supposed to surround yourself with people who lift you up. Sometimes you need to surround yourself with books that lift you up. Here is a brief list of my top picks!

Ancient Rhythms Variety

Classical Living a perfect companion for living by the seasons. Based in Roman tradition and mythology there are celebrations for most days of the year. These little celebrations are ideal to break up monotony and banish ruts. Broken down into months this book has been a fun go to for years.

Non Devotion but Small Daily Reading

Adults of Emotionally Immature Parents This topic may be difficult but I add this to the list because it isn’t a “sit down and read all at once” kind of book. Just a bit of reading each day, skimming even, can help you feel validated in your struggles. Realizations were quite common for me in reading this book and I found it helpful. One of those “you didn’t imagine this” kind of things. Like I said, validating.

Oldie but Goodie

Believing In Myself by Earnie Larsen. This is of the self esteem genre and it is simple, quick and often incredibly relevant. I have had this book for over fifteen years! This mini book has graced my bookshelf for over fifteen years, longer than any other book on the list. Scoff if you must but healing after an abusive ex is Top Priority. This little gem offers a variety of insights for boosting confidence and self assuredness.

The Loving Christian Variety

Jesus Calling Morning + Night by Sara Young My absolute favorite of the Christian variety, I have loved this book for almost three years now. There are several in the series but I love that this particular book offers a devotion for morning and night. <

Badass Affirmations- Wit + Wisdom of Wild Women

I love this one! It is so much fun and such a great gift idea. Any lady or lover of ladies can appreciate!

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