4 Real Human Hurdles

As a Tai Chi instructor I know firsthand that mindset is everything. I enjoy taking the time with my students or clients to help them first feel comfortable and confident.

I want you to also feel comfortable and confident in your life.

That is why I wanted to begin the year with the 4 biggest, realest* hurdles that humans face. All my clients from Nutrition to Tai Chi deal with at least some of these issues.
*I know this is grammatically incorrect, however I assure you it is otherwise correct.

As an unofficial kick off to the series, we start with triggers. Triggers can be the underlying cause of low self esteem, procrastination, low motivation and poor boundaries. Triggers are sneaky because we can walk around with them, heart on our sleeve style, and not even know they exist. The easiest to ignore, triggers are the unassuming motivation behind some of our unsavory behaviors. If you have ever found yourself blue after too long on social media- triggered. If you have ever found yourself on the floor of the kitchen eating ice cream- triggered. If you ever found yourself on a binder- triggered. This video helps us get to know our triggers so it is much easier to spot telltale signs or behaviors. This allows us more self awareness leading to a quicker turn around to emotional equilibrium.

Confidence was chosen first because everything in the world requires some degree of it. You cannot reach your potential in any area of life if you do not have the faith in yourself. Our self esteem is the basis for our perception, belief system and mindset. It is pretty important stuff and thus chosen as the foundation for this pillar series of videos and freebies.

Next on the list we roll on to procrastination. Knowing how to troubleshoot our own self destructive or less beneficial habits is a key to the most actualized existence. In this video we will be looking not only at solutions, but at analyzing our tasks and attitudes to feel continuously efficient. When things run efficiently we feel more in control and less anxious. When we are the wrench causing the clog, it leads to negative self talk and potential procrastination. Knowing how to address our tendency to put things off as well as the distractions at play, will only serve to empower you to revitalize your approach.

Motivation is like fuel for our soul. It is the bootstrap from which we pull ourselves. Motivation is crucial to maintaining perseverance, work ethic, life values and beat the rut kind of living. The ability to self motivate separates those who succeed from those who flounder. It is harsh but oh so true. When it comes to strategizing your mojo, this video will help deliver all the answers to keep your groove rolling.

As we head into the month of love, Boundaries top the list between the relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others. We wrap up the series discussing the one thing that defines how we spend our time, who we spend it with and the environments we tolerate. I am so excited to talk about this personal favorite topic of mine. Boundaries serve as insurance or guardrails to protect us. The better our healthy boundaries, the better our relationships with ourselves and others.

Hope these topics help you flourish this year and reach your highest potential in the years to come!
Blessings to you!

See the Videos here!
Tackle Those Triggers
How to be a Confidence Connoisseur FREEBIE

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