Tackle Your Triggers + Grow!

Triggers + Signs of Healing You Might Be Missing

Personal growth, self improvement does not magically cure triggers. Growth does not mean a lack of a trigger. However, it can be a lessening of emotional reaction to the trigger. Don’t miss these two signs of growth + healing.

If you are upset that you are being triggered still, then you are missing out on your growth because you are focusing on the wrong thing!

Let’s take a peek at this nifty timeline.

Our first stop on this timeline is the moment we are triggered emotionally.

Emotional Equilibrium is the moment in which our emotions calm and we become “okay”.

This timeframe is called our Turn Around Time.

As healing occurs one can look for improvement in a shorter “turn around time”. This means simply that you are able to level out or calm down in a shorter amount of time. As the process of acceptance or growth continues the Turn Around Time becomes shorter and shorter.

Let’s look for growth in one more place!

Once again, as you continue on your journey of reclaiming your emotional self, let this little graph empower you. As time goes on the LEVEL in which one reacts to a trigger does decrease in severity. So if you are being triggered but you aren’t experiencing such a strong surge of emotion then you should certainly be proud of yourself. Definitely do not overlook this clear sign of healing.

As time goes on you can continually spot the decrease of these two growth points; your turn around time and reaction severity. Remember that this is your story so make it a good comeback story! Be proud of who you are and what you have endured!

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