How Gratitude Changed My Christmas

Thanksgiving first then Merriment and Joy

It occurred to me recently that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas and no matter how hard our society tries to erase that day and turn November into an entire shopping month, the order still stands. First comes Thanksgiving and gratitude. These focuses and intentions set a much better tone for a season full of joy. I mean, am I right? It is not easy to have a joyful heart when you can’t see the good or the blessings that surround you. It is the act of being grateful that leads to a joyful and lighthearted spirit.

I have been feeling extra grateful lately. I have so many beautiful projects coming together, my businesses are growing; I have been feeling very content. An emotion I never thought I could experience, honestly. Since the move things haven’t quite come together in the house yet. I still have my days of overwhelm and it has been MONTHS. I am so blessed to have this cottage, yard and studio. I didn’t feel the need to get a bunch of presents. With healthy friends, family and pets I couldn’t ask for more. That is why this year I had a crazy request for my man.

Only one gift please.

This year was crazy and a nice, simple Christmas was all I really wanted. So with gratitude we focused on other aspects of the holidays together. We baked, cooked, watched every Christmas movie, mailed the cards out on time and truly relaxed. I was not sad at all on the day of Christmas. I happily opened the one present I asked for.

I only mention the One Giftsmas Christmas to hopefully inspire you to do your holiday just as you wish. Sometimes our focus can be material but remembering to infuse your winter season with gratitude will only increase joy and merriment all year long.

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