5 Basic Rights for Renters

In short here are 5 things you can do to best protect yourself as a renter.

  1. Understanding your state’s laws regarding no break leases is the first place to begin. In many states they are illegal. However, not in Georgia.
  2. When repairs have not been made it is absolutely in your right to report it to your city inspector. They will schedule a time to look at the issue and follow up with your landlord or property management company. It can be extremely reassuring to not even worry about contacting your landlord.
  3. Another option for renters whose landlords are not keeping their end of the bargain is to put your rent money in escrow with your county’s Magistrate Court. The money will be released once the repairs have been made. Not paying your rent is not an option. It leaves you open to legal issues. Be sure to put the rent money into escrow.
  4. Knowing even the basics of your state’s laws will help you better protect yourself. Some states work really hard to protect the renters. Some states do not. You do not have to know every single law. Generally an overview can be quite informative.
  5. It seems like a DUH, Grace. But really, keep an accurate record of all rent transactions, lease renewals, inspections, ect. Keep them for the length of time in the house or apartment. Do not throw these out because you have been living somewhere for x amount of years.

Georgia’s Landlord-Tenant Handbook PDF

Hope you find this helpful! -Gracie D

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