Why All The Things

Hey there!

A couple years ago when every single thing fell apart, like many others, I decided to truly carpe diem and do exactly what I want. Videography and documentaries have been such a love of mine from childhood. I have long adored nonfiction and now I am taking the camera in my hands and filming to my heart’s desire. A childhood dream come true.

Of course there is always a bit more to the story.

How I am Breaking Out of the Box

More than one business coach could not comprehend how I would make this work. I decided that a hobby should not be subjected to “the fastest possible route to money”. So here I am breaking out of the business box. A no niche show just for the damn fun of it. 😀

All the Things is about wellness, Middle Class American issues, landscaping adventures, power tools, fashion, beauty, mindset- all things solutions. All the Things is anything and everything but never boring. Creative nonfiction has always been my specialty when writing so I am challenging myself to shift over to more visual storytelling.

Each episode evolves as I learn more about visual and sound effects. The episodes become a living breathing item as the story comes to life and I can’t get enough. I actually hate being on camera and this is a great exercise to help me get over that. Looking forward to bringing you all kinds of solutions, tips and hacks as I shift away from the pen and expose decades of articles through the lens of a camera. Hope you enjoy!

All The Things

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