Specialty Tai Chi Programs

Solving problems is in my nature, so I have developed multiple Specialty Programs to cater to people who have experienced trauma, anxiety or illness. See my standard program below or if you need something else, let me know!

Tai Chi for ptsd

The focus of this program is to practice deep breathing and connected moves to help quiet the mind. Repetition creates a relaxing form of exercise in this class.

Tai Chi for Aging Gracefully

Movements in this program are centered around building strength in the core to ensure better balance through proper movement and breathing.

Tai Chi for Anxiety

This is a combination of breath and long, continuity focused movements. This program incorporates Tai Chi philosophy as a method for coping with stress.

Tai chi for Chronic illness

A program named Bad Day, Better Day is designed to help deal with chronic illness. Very small exercises for the “bad days” and variations for the “better days”. Repeated exercise will hopefully bring about more better days.

Tai Chi Stregnth Training

This program features Tai Chi positions with the added challenge of weights and resistance bands. You have never had a weight training class like this before, I promise!

Tai Chi for Sexual Assault Survivors

One of my most customized programs. This class offers time for centering + calm but also focuses on faster paced combos. Also featured are self defense applications to help boost agility + awareness and a much different commentary than my regular classes.


Designed around optimum Chi flow to boost your practice, this program focuses on hand movement and kundalini rising.

Tai Chi for chakras

Tai Chi and Chakras go hand in hand, that is why this program just made sense. This program is designed to open and activate your energy centers.