• Tai Chi Instructor
  • Meditation Instructor
  • Holistic Nutrition + Wellness Coach
  • Self Esteem + Spiritual Coach
  • Chakra Therapist

Your personal guide to fluff-free wellness.

Hey there! I am Grace Dawn and I am here to help you feel amazing! I have cultivated an extensive Holistic Wellness education in order to treat the whole person. Without using 10 titles and 30 words, I decided to sum up what I do as Wellness Curation. I am your personal guide to fluff-free wellness.

I specialize in

Natural Medicine
Tai Chi
Spiritual Wellness.

I focus on

Food Allergies + Sensitivities
Adaptogenic Therapy
Bacterial + Viral Infections
Chronic Illness Relief

To learn more about your spiritual wellness + energetic upgrades, click below to check out our sister company, Chakra Chic.