Virtual Tai Chi

The in’s + out’s of your custom Tai Chi lesson.

Virtual lessons are an easy way to get a perfect for you practice! We will have a quick phone chat to better understand your current fitness levels and your goals + desires. I then curate and record a completely original lesson just for you. It is then delivered to your inbox with a link you can access at any time on any phone or smart tv. There is an upgrade option that allows for you to request edits. Edits can be anything from reshooting a different angle or a close up of a certain movement. Book with me by emailing to book your session.

Over the past decade I have developed multiple programs with a specific focus. We can blend any of these together to customize your lesson perfectly.

Still have questions? No problem! Your practice means the world to me so shoot me an email or DM on FB, IG or Twitter and let’s get you started with your ideal Tai Chi practice.