ILI Plan

What is ILI Plan?

Besides being an incredibly fun word, ILI is a revolutionary way to feel better while still enjoying your favorite foods. After more than a decade of Holistic Nutrition Coaching and studying the inflammatory reaction, disease prevention, as well as being on many diets myself, I discovered a more approachable way to begin an anti-inflammatory diet. This plan involves Inclusive Nutrition because I believe all foods are necessary for a balanced diet, based on the work of Weston A Price. This plan is 100% customizable and will guarantee a reduction of inflammatory symptoms. There are a couple different methods in which you can incorporate ILI into your diet.

How Does It Work?

  • Separates common foods into 3 groups.
  • Staggers foods during the Test Phase.
  • Teaches self awareness through your personal IC Levels.
  • Handy Printouts for Reference.
  • Planner for note-keeping + success.

Imagine foods as an upside down triangle. The highest risk foods are at the top + the lowest risk foods at the bottom.

The main foods eaten are broken down into three categories. High, Medium and Low Inflammation Risk. This risk is based on the general American public.

Instead of a total elimination diet, ILI Plan staggers the foods eliminated during the beginning, making it much easier to gauge your Inflammatory Comfort Level. In short, the methodology of ILI Plan focuses on fewer foods at a time. This makes it easier to discern what foods irritate your IC Level and how. (IE painful joints, painful gastro issues, swelling of the face, etc.) ILI Plan is not a diet but a lifestyle. If you “fall off” the plan you can always reference your Risk chart to help focus on less inflammatory foods.

What Is Your Inflammatory Comfort Level?

Everyone’s body reacts differently to foods, whether due to genetics, illness or allergies. Your Inflammatory Comfort (IC) Level is a scale from 1-5. 1 being the lowest in discomfort and 5 being the highest discomfort. For example soy is a high inflammatory food but one person may experience a 5 of gastro discomfort while another person experiences none or a 1. Your IC Level will come into consideration during Weeks 3- 5 of the Weekly Approach. Some foods from the Low Risk may be a higher IC Level and vice versa. The Risk Levels are determined by general likely reaction. But everyone is different. It is helpful to get familiar with your IC Level with most foods.

How To Use ILI Plan

The ILI Plan helps build confidence in the understanding of foods and meal planning. It allows for you to enjoy whatever foods you wish, but responsibly in order to better control and monitor the Inflammatory response. Use the guide below to choose the least inflammatory foods. Keep notes in a book or binder about your food reactions or improvements.


*I always recommend having a CBC panel done with your healthcare provider before beginning any diet. This will inform you of any nutrient deficiencies as well as possible health concerns.

*Beginning a Probiotic supplement will produce the best results.

*Some lettuces such as spinach, arugula, and chard can be a higher risk if you have thyroid issues. If you are thyroid deficient then Cod fish becomes a lower risk.

* If you struggle with systemic yeast: mushrooms and fruit may have a higher risk. If you are autoimmune: Nuts increase to High Risk.


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