My Method

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What to know if you are considering working with me.

Diagnosis Stage

Symptom Burden Assessment

I believe it is best practice to begin the diagnostic process with an in depth look at the role your symptoms play. I use the Signs and Symptom Analysis by Dr. Dicken Weatherby, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nutritional Assessment methods in an effort to leave no stone unturned when considering treatments for the following services:


I do this with an in depth questionnaire involving all aspects of your physical and mental health. The answers you provide paint a detailed picture. By reviewing and assessing the severity and combination of your symptoms, I offer possible causes and treatments. At this stage, upon your preference, I can communicate with your doctor or acupuncturist for further testing and treatment.

How I Utilize Your Answers

  • Assess possible nutritional deficiencies
  • Pre-diagnosis of potential autoimmune diseases
  • Provide holistic supplementation guidance
  • Communicate with your doctor possible testing needs

Treatment Stage

When considering treatment options every small detail is taken into account. Each person is different as will be your treatment plan. I will create an approachable and sustainable healing plan catered to your desired outcomes. If something does not work for you we will discuss other options during evaluations. These virtual check ins are to ensure your treatments are working for you.

Treatment options include but are not limited to:

Nutritional Therapy
Herbal Supplementation
Adaptogenic Therapy
Tai Chi

Typically when we hear the word “supplement” we think of capsules we swallow. Capsules are a great way to get nutrients but they do have drawbacks. I make a point of finding other methods of treatment; other forms of supplementation.

I also utilize whole foods, super food powders, liquid sprays and tinctures for supplementation.