Becoming Moderately Minimal

In 2015 I decided to shed myself of the extra weight of possessions. I had never planned on getting rid of everything. I also never planned on how many years it would actually take. Here are some of the lessons I have learned along the way to becoming, my degree of minimal.

A Crash Course in Minimalism

  • It doesn’t mean you get rid of everything.
  • It doesn’t happen overnight.
  • The less excess I have, the less stressed I feel.
  • Cleaning and organizing becomes massively easier.
  • Taking inventory of your belongings is important.
  • Choosing and limiting what to collect is helpful and empowering.
  • You should enjoy even mundane, everyday tools.
  • Learn from the French.
  • Minimalism doesn’t have to be stark.
  • Or scary.
  • Minimalism makes the process of organizing simple and smooth.
  • It is really about simplicity.
  • Possessions truly can weigh you down.

In short, minimalist has a very severe connotation. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You find the right balance of simplicity that feels good and works for you. Maybe you have felt like it is time for a refresh of your space (after more home time in 2020 than ever before) or that you could do without some of the excess. I will highlight easy methods for clearing out and cleaning up.

I enjoy helping people in every way possible. I have worked as a professional organizer for many clients. My favorite aspect is that compared to interior design (which I have also done for clients) the process is about letting go instead of buying more.

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