The 2 Best Products for Your Gut Happiness

When your gut is good your teeth are whiter, your eyes are brighter, your skin glows… There is so much more to gut health than gas, bloating and BM’s, okay? That is just one side of the ever-important, overly discussed gut health story.

Your belly’s bliss should be top priority. This does not mean giving up your favorite naughty love foods, however, this should mean implementing two incredible power tools of gut health supplements. I have personally taken a probiotic for years. Sometimes it would be paired with upper or lower GI spray, or caprylic acid capsule. Eventually I found the peas + carrots combo; the one -two punch of bacterial balancers.

If you already have a probiotic that you love then simply disregard this product. If you have been searching for you soulmate supplement then consider this 450 billion cfu capsule from Naturewise. The cfu count of the probiotic is a strong indicator of how potent your supplement is. This number is important because if it is too low then you are basically wasting your money. I have a STRONG need for gut bacteria stabilization since I have several autoimmune diseases. The 1 million cfu options are not going to help create any real change. Another number to note are the strains included. The Time Release Probiotic contains 30 strains. I have tested many supplement brands and for the past 3 years this is the one I have used. Luckily they are also very affordable, making it an attainable addition to your diet or regimen.

You can get this amazing probiotic HERE!

The next product is certainly the best teammate a probiotic ever had. Enzymes. They do things alone, but when combined and proportioned perfectly they help your belly feel at peace within just a couple weeks. Taken with each meal these petite pills aid in digestion by simply making it easier. Metagenics as a brand has never disappointed me and this supplement is no different. Featuring over ten enzymes and medium-chain triglycerides, broad spectrum digestive support is the name of this game. I seriously cannot recommend this product enough. I found both of these supplements on amazon and have not seen them anywhere else.

You can get the SpectraZyme Complete HERE!

I know it has been said over and over but your gut affects everything in your body. Your inflammation, mood, ability to absorb nutrients all depend on the right amount of GOOD gut bacteria. Please strongly consider these if you have been struggling with any issues of chronic inflammation.

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I Am Alive Because of Natural Rx

I absolutely mean this literally. Long story short, I have six autoimmune diseases. Life was challenging even before a deadly, global pandemic.

After years of misdiagnosis’ I began to study several areas of natural and holistic medicine, initially so that I may save my own life. Eventually, so I may save others’ lives. This involved learning Ancient Chinese Medicine, which is still the #1 diagnostic tool that I used to pinpoint what organs were gliching.

What difference is a disease name if you don’t treat the root of the problem? Lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, it doesn’t matter. The organs that the diseases damage; that is what matters. Treating inflammation as the root of almost every autoimmune disease is also what matters.

From Chinese Medicine I learned herbalism in order to most efficiently treat the problems. And lastly I dove into physiology and nutrition to best understand the composition of our bodies and the nourishment we provide them.

At this point I have developed many protocols for dealing with viruses, weakened immune systems, inflammation, dietary restrictions, skin sensitivity issues, in addition to fungal and bacterial infections. I have spent the past year perfecting an inflammation diet that is easy to use and customizable. I employ a variety of diagnostic tools as well as medicines to counteract chronic illness. I use superfoods, herbal tinctures, vitamin supplements, smoothie and juice therapy and stress management techniques.

I am a firm believer that the use of natural medicine is more effective, efficient and more gentle than many traditional medical approaches to these under-researched diseases.