A Decade of Grace Dawn Tai Chi

Happy ten year Tai Chi-versary to me and dozens of students, clients and supporters! Some days it seems like more than a decade. Some days it seems like only yesterday.

My first group sessions in 2014 at Anahata Healing Arts.
My 1st Tai Chi photo 2012, Tybee Island, GA

Reflections on a decade of teaching, sharing and loving Tai Chi

I have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of people the glory that is Tai Chi. Everyone has experienced it differently. Everyone has had different motivations and needs from Tai Chi. To describe this mother of martial arts as versatile is still an understatement.

Tai Chi has ten essences that are used as a guidelines for physical stance, practice and philosophy. The ninth of the essences is to “unite the mind and the body”. Allow me to elaborate. This sums up the fact that through the versatility of Tai Chi whatever you want to get out of your practice, will be the result. Are you looking for relaxation? Increased mobility and balance? Complete rehabilitation of a joint or muscle group? What about decreased inflammation? Yep, that too.

I have used Tai Chi to treat an assortment of diseases. Arthritis, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, PTSD, Personality Disorders, Chron’s and other gastrointestinal diseases have all been helped by a custom blend of moves. I have helped golfers open their hips, football players increase hand eye coordination, tennis players improve their swing, warehouse workers reduce back pain, hospitality workers save energy and helped the mature age gracefully.

I think the most surprising element to teaching Tai Chi as opposed to just practicing was how much more was really involved.

Each person I have taught has in return been a teacher for me. As long as I observe and listen with each student, Tai Chi has limitless possibilities as to how it can help so many people who all have different needs. I am so grateful for my years predating Tai Chi instruction. I taught ballet, gymnastics, jazz, tap, yoga and salsa dancing. I played tennis, softball, ran track, lifted weights. These activities gave me a secure knowledge of the body’s movements which allowed me greater understanding of how Tai Chi can be applied.

I began to analyze how our career choices can affect our bodies. From tense shoulders from typing all day to knee pain from standing on concrete floors; the environments that we work in and the movements we so frequently repeat during a workday really have an impact on our physical stance, function and comfort.

I am so excited to roll out many videos this year addressing very specific Tai Chi applications for your daily life. That is how I teach. I want you to take what you learn about the body’s alignment and apply it to how you move every single day. It happens without you even trying. But this can only be achieved if I pump out the videos. Therefore, the ball is in my proverbial court.

Stay tuned to see how Tai Chi can improve your life, movements, pain level, agility, oxygen levels, balance, blood pressure, digestion, anxiety.

Videos coming Spring 2022.

For more information visit
Grace Dawn Tai Chi

For more information visit
Grace Dawn Tai Chi

The 2 Best Products for Your Gut Happiness

When your gut is good your teeth are whiter, your eyes are brighter, your skin glows… There is so much more to gut health than gas, bloating and BM’s, okay? That is just one side of the ever-important, overly discussed gut health story.

Your belly’s bliss should be top priority. This does not mean giving up your favorite naughty love foods, however, this should mean implementing two incredible power tools of gut health supplements. I have personally taken a probiotic for years. Sometimes it would be paired with upper or lower GI spray, or caprylic acid capsule. Eventually I found the peas + carrots combo; the one -two punch of bacterial balancers.

If you already have a probiotic that you love then simply disregard this product. If you have been searching for you soulmate supplement then consider this 450 billion cfu capsule from Naturewise. The cfu count of the probiotic is a strong indicator of how potent your supplement is. This number is important because if it is too low then you are basically wasting your money. I have a STRONG need for gut bacteria stabilization since I have several autoimmune diseases. The 1 million cfu options are not going to help create any real change. Another number to note are the strains included. The Time Release Probiotic contains 30 strains. I have tested many supplement brands and for the past 3 years this is the one I have used. Luckily they are also very affordable, making it an attainable addition to your diet or regimen.

You can get this amazing probiotic HERE!

The next product is certainly the best teammate a probiotic ever had. Enzymes. They do things alone, but when combined and proportioned perfectly they help your belly feel at peace within just a couple weeks. Taken with each meal these petite pills aid in digestion by simply making it easier. Metagenics as a brand has never disappointed me and this supplement is no different. Featuring over ten enzymes and medium-chain triglycerides, broad spectrum digestive support is the name of this game. I seriously cannot recommend this product enough. I found both of these supplements on amazon and have not seen them anywhere else.

You can get the SpectraZyme Complete HERE!

I know it has been said over and over but your gut affects everything in your body. Your inflammation, mood, ability to absorb nutrients all depend on the right amount of GOOD gut bacteria. Please strongly consider these if you have been struggling with any issues of chronic inflammation.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: What you need to know post diagnosis

Heavy muscles, sore bones and exhaustion and weakness that just won’t quit- yes, My Friend, you may have CFS.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a phenomenon that plagues millions of Americans. Seemingly possible to diagnose and with little offered in the way of treatment, it can be challenging to adapt to constant exhaustion. Being newly diagnosed can be depressing and lonely. Here are three ways to make the transition a teeny bit easier.

Top 3 Things To Do Now

  1. You now have to be extra aware of how you feel physically. Check in with yourself and be ready to tweak routines and habits that require too much energy. Tweaking your schedule to allot for your pain or fatigue will be the first and one of the most important aspects of your new reality. Do not wait until you have overdone it before implementing these changes. It will take time to assess what work best for you.
  2. Pain relief is major when it comes to CFS. Look for natural solutions. Pain is a constant of this disease and taking a liver or organ-destroying pain reliever everyday is simply not a good idea. Reserve Tylenol or Advil for super doooooper bad days. I recommend a CBD oil and topical or oral Arnica.
  3. Join groups on Facebook. There are so many groups for Autoimmune Disease, Chronic Illness and CFS. It may seem like you are not interested BUT having a community is very important. You have people to ask questions, vent to and also support. By joining a group you will feel less alone on this journey.

For more information on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome visit this post.